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    I am after some guidance if possible please, I attended a Tribunal yesterday regarding a HB & CTB overpayment.

    The appeal was dismissed but only for the HB overpayment as I failed to include the amount of the Council Tax Benefit overpayment in my submission 😳 Doh!

    I now have to re-submit something to TTS but I am unsure if I have to do a whole new submission or if I can amend the original one and send exactly the same bundle, with perhaps a covering letter explaining the situation.

    I would have asked the Chairman but he was to busy revelling in my error and obvious annoyance :14:

    Any help very much appreciated.


    Does this actually mean that the CTB OP has not been decided at tribunal (or am I missing something?).

    I think you could use the original submission amnd include the CTB OP details etc as supplementary evidence. It certainly wouldn’t be unreasonable to work on that basis.

    Have you considered contact TTS to ask them what they would be willing to accept? I ask, because it would depend on which member of our local TTS staff we speak to as to what sort of response, or lack of, we might get.

    Hope this helps in some way.



    You have not missed anything the chairman refused to make a decision regarding the CTB OP (quite rightly so I should add).

    My plan so far is to adapt the original submission and couldn’t see why they wouldn’t accept it but it is nice to get a second opinion.

    Have not contacted the TTS yet, will probably be my last option as getting an answer can be quite a challenge at times.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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