Appeal submissions – document and/or page numbers?

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    The procedural guidance regarding the submission of appeals to TTS given to LAs back in 2001 includes document numbers and page numbers in the schedule of evidence and says that each page should be clearly numbered in the top right of page.

    A document having a different document number and page number has often led to confusion at Tribunal. Have any Council’s dispensed with using document numbers and just given page numbers. If so, have the Tribunal Service & Tribunals seemed happy with this?

    Any comments would be much appreciated.


    I usually just number each page at the top right and in the schedule give the document number as the relevant page number(s) eg. for a claim form I would give the ‘document no’ as 1-29.

    I have had no comments, but then again I haven’t been doing it for that long… but I think numbering pages is more logical because then you can point the chairman and the claimant to the exact page containing the info rather than referring to the document number, in which case you still have to locate the info within the document for him/her and the claimant. Some documents e.g. claim forms are quite long, so it is easier to locate things with page no’s.


    I have always used page numbers only and haven’t had any problems.


    Always used to use document numbers and page numbers. Now only use page numbers


    I only use page numbers and have never had a problem with that at tribunal.


    This came up at a TUG meeting a couple of years ago. The chairman said that document numbers were of no use whatsoever and we could all dispense with them.


    On the other hand I was told at a TAS/LA Liaison metting, a couple of years ago admittedly, that they wanted Doc. Nos on the top Right corner (slightly in from the edge for photocopying purposes) and Page Nos. on the top left (again indented).

    Therefore I quote Doc. 1 etc on the right hand side and number the pages.

    I suppose it’s local practice but Birmingham haven’t changed their tack on the numbering.

    NB. It’s very similar to County Court procedure and the Documents have to be identified by Document and Page nos. rather than just page nos. It can be quite amusing watching a DDJ fumbling their way through a witness statement and a schedule of evidence!!

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................


    I’ve always used document letters e.g. doc A – doc B on top right hand corner and then page numbers on bottom right hand corner – haven’t had any complaint so far and submissions have been sent to two different offices.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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