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    I have an appeal where it was initially turned down in April 05 due to Reg 7(1)(a) tenancy not on a commerical basis.

    Appealed May 05. Further enquiries made re the case and decision made not to revise May 06 and that it needed sending to the appeals service.

    The decision not to revise was not notified to the customer and there is further evidence to support the original decision.

    However, now I come to do the submission I have all this extra evidence that also supports our original decision but we never notified the claimant we would not be revising but would be sending it for appeal.

    Now I am not sure where we stand in relation to the appeal. Do I have to notify the customer first that we have looked at it again and uphold the original decision. Or do I just send it all off with the extra evidence to the tribunal?

    Going greyer by the minute!!!!!!!!!!

    Carol Meredith

    I think that you do need to send the claimant a reconsideration saying that you can see no grounds for revision of the original decision and that you will be submitting to TTS. Then go ahead and do the submission including all the evidence that you have.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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