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    Hello – I am going to be a bit cheeky but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

    Here goes

    My LA has always used Communication Bulletin # 8 issued in 2001 as a guide for delaing with appeals. I have recently been asked to draft appeals procedure / policy for the LA as we have never had written procedures / policy.

    Does anyone out there have documented procedures they follow when dealing with Appeal’s? If so, and here comes the cheeky part, would you be willing to email me a copy of the procedures / policy? This would allow me to use your procedures as a sort of further guidline, along with Comms Bulletin 8, for drawing up procedures for my LA. As I said before, no need to reinvent the wheel sort of thing!!

    I would be very appreciative if someone could help me with this matter.

    my email address is m b a l d r i c k @ o x f o r d . g o v . u k
    (without the spaces)

    Thanking you in advance,


    Hi there,

    I have a crate load of procedures on this that I am trying to incorporate into a proper benefits officers guide to Appeals.

    The procedures I have cover just about everything, and my task is to turn all of the info into an ‘idiots’ guide.

    I am willing to either a) give you what I have to help you prepare your procedures or b) provide you with my idiots guide once I have finished it.

    My idiots guide may not be ready however for another couple of months due to other work commitments, so if you plump for A above, perhaps as a trade off, you could send me a copy of your version if you get it done before me. What do you think?

    Please let me know what works best for you.

    Kind regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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