Applicable amount for a pension guarantee credit over 65

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    Hi everyone

    This is my problem I have a pensioner aged over 65 who receives pension savings and Guarantee credit.

    The year end letter told him that the amount he needs to live on is £143.80
    but he only receives £124.05 as he is on PC G.

    The system we use is Academy, I have spoken to our control department and they state that the letter is correct for the amuont he neds to live on.

    How do other Authorities get round this for Pc G cases where they are over 65 and the notification letter gives the wrong applicable amount please. 💡

    Darren Tompkins

    Why would the applicable amount be quoted on a passported claim when no income calculation is required? We use IBS, and it doesn’t mention the applicable amount it just says ‘As you are receiving pension credit guarantee, I can pay you your maximum housing benefit of £xx.xx each week’.

    Either way, iare you confusing our Applicable amount and the Appropriate amount used by the Pension Service. The Appropriate amount is used by the Pension Service to calculate entilement to GC and does stand at £124.05. It is possible for a PC customer to get Savings Credit on top of GC. The Applicable amount is set at £143.80 to not penalise a customer who is recieving GC (£124.05) and the maximum amount of SC (£19.71).

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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