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    liz k

    When applying to the Chairperson of a Tribunal for leave to appeal to the Commissioners there used to be a section on the April 2002 version of the OSCC2 (appendix to A5/2002) forv this purpose. The latest version of the OSCC2 no longer has this section.
    Do other LA’s just send a letter requesting permission from the Chairperson or use the old version of the OSCC2?


    we recently went round in circles on this one but following advice from our local friendly TS office, we decided on a letter.
    Incidentally, permission was refused, no reasons given
    For more experienced practitioners out there, is this the norm ❓



    I’ve only appealed 1 decision to commissioner.

    It was a bit of a strange case as the chair actually granted us leave to appeal in his decision notice (as he knew it was contentious I guess).

    Anyway, OSSCS wrote to me complaining that I hadn’t asked the chairman for leave to appeal and would not accept his decision notice as granting leave.

    In the end, a letter was sent to TS asking the chairman to grant leave (again!!) which he duly did.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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