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    How do people deal with the following situation.
    A customer is receving regular payments of £200.00 every four wks from the CSA. Of this £150.00 is maintenance and the balance is towards arrears owed for a period last year (clt doesn’t know the exact dates).

    What amount of income would you take into account and for what period?

    Kevin D

    This came up in an earlier thread:



    Thanks Kevin

    However, if the arrears are, for the sake of arguement, for the period 5/9/05 t0 3/4/06, amounting to £1500 (£50.00 wk), but are only now being repaid from the 25 Sept at £25.00 wk, should we be going back and creating an overpayment for the part of the period the arrears are due for, or assuming that the clt is going to receive all the arrears over the next 60 weeks and create the whole debt now?


    Sorry to bring this one back up again, but we have a very similiar case in that a clmt who has been on Income Support for many years is about to start getting Maint payments via CSA. On top of these she will also be getting a further £5 per week which she claims are towards arrears for the many years that father has not been paying.

    If we take arrears income into account for period it is being paid, this could be say 2004 to start with? this wil have no effect on HB as she was on Income Support.

    I would be inclined to take into account for week inwhich any arrears are actually paid.

    Any thoughts/ comments on how others deal with this income.


    I don’t think you can. There is, as far as I know, no provision not to relate to the period the to which the arrears relates.

    Furthermore, I’m not sure why you would want to. As she was on IS, she won’t be hit with an o/p of HB, which alwatys seems unfair to me

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