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    We are slowly working our way thru out ATLAS items and attempting to develop procedures for staff. But can’t decide the best way to deal with the Tax Credits with Disability Elements, i know we should award the disability premium for HB/CTB if disability element awarded in tax credits.

    However, the customers have previously confirmed that they don’t get DLA or have any other qualifying criteria to award the premium. Am i reading too much into these ? is everyone else just accepting them and ensuring the disability premium is awarded ?

    Your comments would be much appreciated

    Thank You


    The awnswer depends on your benefits payment system and the release for ATLAS. We use Civica, but the answer may be different for Northgate and Academy. You have to be careful with the income code that your benefits system selects for the tax credit new award or more commonly re profile. If the ATLAS record says in the Award components Disabled adults, then you know that the working tax credit has a disability element for the claimant or partner. This is a qualifying income for the disability premium. So the income code should be the one you have chosen to reflect this and to grant the premium. There may also be carers premium to be considered and awarded.

    You should have another one for them also getting the 30 hour element too e.g. we have WTD and WTD30. If the component says Disabled children, then this means there is a Disabled child element in their child tax credit. This has two implications, but is not a qualifying route to the claimant/partner disability premium. So your working tax credit code should be standard ones you use. The child or children though will attract disabled child premium and enhanced disabled child premium, if the criteria are satisfied. Either this is already known to us, or use the CIS Relationship History to get to the Dependant child. DLAC and/or DLAM components can be confirmed. Again carer premium should be considered and awarded where applicable (excuse the pun).Hope this is some help :p

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