ATLAS and one off payments

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    I was wondering what other people are going to do about one off payments with the introduction of ATLAS. Academy will pick up all one off payments whilst normally we would look at the whether the payment fell on the normal payment day.

    Do you do the same? are you planning on changing this with the introduction of ATLAS so that you use all one off payments? or are you going to amend the ATLAS update to ignore payments not on the payment cycle?




    Why wouldn’t you use all one-off deductions anyway as there’s no provision to disregard them?


    I meant one off payments not deductions. We use any payment that falls on the normal payment cycle, this may say one off or regular. We don’t use one off amounts that fall on another day of the week partly because we found these to be late payments which constituted arrears. I know that this is common practice but it will interesting to see other interpretations.


    Northgate is a bit smarter. If the one-off payment is on the the normal payment cycle and is within a certain amount (we have set to £25) of the subsequent regular payment it will treat it as a regular payment (if we want it to).


    Thanks Graeme


    Bumping this up because it’s come to light as an issue now that we’ve started automatically applying the changes (we’re a Northgate site). There seem to be two types of one off payments – a ONE-REG and a ONEOFF. The Northgate functionality correctly deals with ONE-REG but doesn’t know what to do with the ONEOFFs. As far as I can see these appear to be the first payment in the cycle and are for a very similar amount but not paid on the same day of the week as the regular ones. Some people have suggested on other threads that these are arrears and to be treated as capital but I don’t think that’s right because there is a separate transaction called ARR (which Northgate correctly allocates as capital). So I have two questions:

    1. What is the definitive answer to how you treat ONEOFF

    2. For Northgate sites – short of trawling through every transaction, how do you choose what to check from each batch (if, indeed, you check any) bearing in mind they all show as processed even if, in fact, the system hasn’t done anything with them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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