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    Hello everyone,

    After a month of ATLAS files we are currently trying to decide what is going to be the best way forward for our authority. I’m sure many of you have been, or are, pondering the same issue!

    Can you please let me know:

    How automated is ATLAS at your Authority?

    If ATLAS is fully automated, what procedures do you have in place for dealing with the potential changes which have caused the initial TC change?

    Our thoughts are currently either

    Start interventions for all live claims with changes


    Send out a change of circs form with notification letters and diary to check what comes back, starting interventions further down the line if necessary

    We are currently drowning in atlas records and i’m trying to find the way through which cuts out as much as possible in terms of time to process.

    Any thoughts?

    cheers, fiona

    Alex G


    ATLAS is still being done manually at our LA, i.e. … very …. slowly ….

    I don’t have the authority to say what is best but see Guy’s response on the main board:

    Countdown to ATLAS

    You may train all staff we not to much problem for a small local authority. But may decide to dedicate a few specialised staff for ATLAS processing for peak times, like the start these early weeks and continue until slightly after the first tax credit renewal deadline of 31/07/2011, then also re establish for the next deadline of 31/01/2012. Other LAs are combining the receipt of the ATLAS tax credit data to carry our local risk based reviews of earned income cases. Both have their merits. The first option will keep backlogs down and NI181 healthy and change of circumstances processing (old NI180) up too. The second option ensures a higher degree of accuracy, but will lengthen the time taken to process the ATLAS records. I have found that you can get two three or more re profiles for the same customer in one month as HMRC adjust the calculation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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