ATLAS – Diary Date outcomes and WTC/CTC future end dates

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    We just started testing and loaded a few made up test ATLAS files. We’re just wondering in what scenarios you would want a diary date outcome?

    Initially we had thought that where WTC/CTC incomes are inserted up to April 2012 we would use diary date, but surely we would just get a new ATLAS file through when the next years award is decided?

    Also do we have any control over the date used on the diary date? So far they all seem to diary date everything a year from the batch load date????

    Cheers, Jenn :p


    I note that Northgate only uses the diary outcome for the situation where clt has arrears of tax credits entered as capital and that attracts a statutory one year disregard, so presumably that is why they have coded it as they have. I would tend to go along with their outcome groups and not create my own actions, on the basis that they have (probably) thought of every eventuality. As you say, why would you need to diary the claim to check for a new award? If the amount changes you will be told! It’s a new mindset but should greatly cut down on all your little processes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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