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    We try to do all of our ATLAS files on the day they arrive so we have lovely 1 day stats. (We have to get them where we can!! 😉 ) But imagine my horror when I found out that the ATLAS file that we worked on on 24/08/2011 was actually received at 23.56 on 23/08/2011!! This has given us 2 day stats for that set of ATLAS data even though we assessed them on the day we should.
    I feel so cheated… 🙁


    All the ATLAS files are sent a few minutes before mid-night, or at least that was the expectation from the DWP. However I think it is perfectly reasonable to say the date they become available to the LA, which is key for stats purposes, is the morning of the following day. So you’re fine using a received date of 24.8.11 in the above example.

    It will depend on your software system as to whether this is possible or not. Academy lets you put the received date in yourself so there is no issue, not sure about any other systems.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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