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    Hi there,

    I am having some problems with dates, the claim that we have is as follows:

    21.02.2012 – Customer claims HB & CTB – only HB is awarded as CL is only 17 (12.07.2012)

    03.07.2012 – Several attempts are made to contact the CL to get CTB in payment for her from her 18th birthday but we do not receive a response.

    13.03.2013 – CL contacts us to query CT bill etc and requests a backdate.

    The backdate rules allow us to pay from the 13.09.2012 as the earliest date but all the records we have confirm the CL was advised by her Housing Officer not to complete the form as she would sort it out for her – but nothing ever came through to us.

    We cannot treat her 21.02.2012 as a claim in advance as over 13 weeks.

    So it appears that through no fault of her own the CL is going to be mising 2 months of CTB.  Can anyone provide any guidance or case law that would give me some wiggle room to pay the claim from the 12.07.2012?

    Many thanks




    If you are satisfied that the Housing Office gave incorrect information then the right path is for Council Tax not to recover the outstanding debt after CTB has been awarded in full. The alternative is for the claimant to complain to the LGO.

    I realise that many CT sections do not like using their powers to do this; going to have to get used to it though after 1 April!


    Thank you for the feedback 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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