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    do i have any right to write to a pensioner (receiveing Guarantee Credit) and ask to see his bank statements? apparently there is a SI that says a ‘local authority has no right to ask’ what SI is that? thanks.

    chris harvey

    There is an SI that says anyone on GC has no income or capital. This means that if you want to see the bank statements to check their income or capital you don’t really have the right to do that. It is unneccesary and may be unreasonable.
    I can’t think of any reason to see the bank statements of a GC pensioner. Even if you got them and it showed pots of money and income coming in, it would not change anything as the PS will not alter their award for some years yet, according to their assessed income period which may be up to 5 years away.
    Is their any reason you want to see them?


    yep i know that and fully agree with what your saying. and this a poor reason but its because they previously were very fraudulent relating to their capital.


    Cannot give you an Si but is surely implied in regs anyway.
    See previous threads on this site, Ps seem to “wipe slate clean” when they deal with a Pc claim; you may wish to offer further information to the Ps which you feel may influence their calculations… but don’t expect them to change their award. If it makes you feel better go ahead and inform your Ps using your local communication channels.

    This, for the time being is how things stand see thread titled “AIF” on main board.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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