Basic Pay v Sick pay

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    Jo Gregory

    Claimant has been off sick from work since 02.05.2012. However, she has been receiving her basic wage (full pay for her) for first 6 months of her sickness. From November 2012 she started receiving SSP.


    The problem I have is, that we are now not disregarding her Child care payments and not awarding the additional earnings disregard from 2.5.12 because she is off sick.  I cannot continue these for 28 weeks as she is not in receipt of SSP.


    Becuase of the NHS sick pay policy, she has a huge overpayment as I cannot see how we can disgreard her child care as she is not in remunerative work or eligible for the 28 week disregard continuation. 

    Any ideas would be grateful.





    Andy Thurman

    Hi, she would be receiving SSP – just topped up by employer to full earnings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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