bedroom Tax and Child in care

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    I have manged to get myself confused here.

    Reg21.4 states a child being looked after by an LA is not treated as part of the household.

    in the topic

    Peter referred to 13D "Of more immediate concern is whether the child remains an "occupier" for size criteria purposes

     "In 13D occupiers is defined as " persons whom the relevent authority is satisfied occupy as their home  the dwelling…"

    In the HB Amendment Regs 2012 the room restrictions are given effect by  B13.5 which as similar wording to 13D without the definition of occupier.

    My question

    Does this override 21.4. and  can we decide who occupies the dwelling.

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    Good try but all these regulations are subject to Reg 21 which defines circumstances when a child is to be treated as a member of the household or occupying the dwelling – so, no, we can’t decide

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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