Benefit on 2 homes – manual adjust / subsidy?

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    In previous times, when we wanted to load a 4 week overlap, we just created a manual adjustment on the 1 claim.

    However, at my current LA, issues with Audit and subsidy and man adjusts have led to us creating a 2nd claim for a period of 4 weeks. As you can imagine, there are a whole number of issues with this and I really would like to persuade those who can say Yes, to allow us to use man adjusts.

    However, does anyone else have any experience of Audit issues or subsidy issues with Man Adjusts for this reason. We honestly don’t get hundreds but from what I understand, DA said that they didn’t want to spend time looking at each case and so we now spend time doing this long convoluted way!


    we use Manual Adjustments for Overlaps, and our Auditors are ok with that. As long as we can back up any cell adjustments (which we can) it should be fine. we dont get that many either.


    If you set up a separate claim you run the risk of paying incorrect benefit, unless they are passported claims. When you do overlapping benefit you are paying one claim and aggregating the liability. By creating two claims you will potentially be doing two taper adjustments and applying disregards twice. We have absolutely no problem with manual adjustments. I maintain a spreadsheet of all cells where I have made amendments (and goodness knows there are enough of those with all Northgate’s scripts), referencing each claim and the amount. The auditor is quite happy with that.


    Thank you both! I am more than happy for my team to use Man Adjusts but I have to say, I don’t do the subsidy or explanation for audit on it!

    I have raised the double taper before and seemingly, we were more scared of the auditor than perhaps we needed to be!

    I feel bolder now so might try this approach again!


    Sorry reply a little late but we use manual adjustments too when awarding HB for period of unavoidable overlapping tenancies. As long as the subsidy is claimed correctly then I see no reason why a subsidy audit should raise any concerns.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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