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    sue large

    Hi, I have been managing our benefit take-up team since January, and so far have had some good results from several campaigns we have run.

    I am interested to hear of other success stories and campaigns anyone out there has been invloved in or knows about. Some of the campaigns we have done are:

    report from HB records to check Incap rates are correct – we managed to create approx £8000 worth of underpayments correcting these

    call to current HB clmts that are on long term incap without DLA – we have helped with forms and gained approx an extra £300pw in DLA for clmts

    Outreach sessions – 3 across the city, these have only been going for a short time but seem to be going well – still waiting to get feedback on these

    set up a benefit take up email referral system with various other council depts such as social workers – we have been getting about 2-3 referrals each week.

    I would be really interested in hearing about other councils campaigns. you can either post a reply or email me

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