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    A bit of advice about an appeal please…

    We have an appeal against a decision that a tenancy is non commercial. The appeal has been sent to Tribunal and we await a decision/hearing. The tenancy is in respect of a caravan which we were told was on a farm owned by a relative.

    In the meantime it has come to light that the caravan wasnt on the farm as previously advised and he was moving around the LA’s area, parking in various places. To complicate things more the caravan has since been sold and now he rents a tent from the landlord at the same weekly rate of £50.00 (and the tent is on the farm).

    My question is this- should I provide this info to the Tribunals Service now so that they have all available info at the time of the hearing or leave it and make a new decision re eligibility for the caravan/tent following the appeal?


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