is this the best way to do this?

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    Neil Cox

    3 bedroome property.

    Now this is slightly unusual because a normal 3 bed house in this area would be £525 per month, however this is a detached bungalow which after some modernisation would fetch £700 per month.

    However i dot want to spend the money modernising it so i’m willing to let ot go as is to LHA.

    local rates are:

    sharer £55
    one bed £85.38
    two bed £103.85
    three bed £115.38
    four bed £150

    I’ve had a call from a lady

    Single parent on LHA currently with 2 girls 14 & 5 plus a son of 21 on JSA.

    Now, on face value they would only get a 3 bed rate of £115.38 pw BUT according to HBinfo I create a 2 bed tenancy & claim for mom & the girls of £103.85 plus a seperate ast & claim for the 21 year old boy.

    Now as he is 21 i think he is classed as a non dependant and can therefore claim a one bed rate which is £85.38pw.

    Giving a total of £189.23PW ( X 12 / 52 = £819.99 PER MONTH)

    I think thats right but i stand to be corrected if anyone knows better.


    It has since occured to me that i could put the 21 year old and the kids on one claim and mom on another to maximise the income?

    any thoughts appreciated.

    Andy Thurman

    Not quite, I’m afarid, Neil!!
    Firstly, I need to be a little pedantic and point out that you cannot decide who goes on which claim! That’s down to the LA and the kids will be part of their mum’s claim as she is responsible for them.

    Secondly, you do not want to go down the route of separate agreements – they would constitute licences to occupy and you would then be liable for the Council Tax!

    You should issue ONE tenancy with mum and 21yo son both named as joint tenants. She will get assessed on the 2-bed rate and he will get the sharer rate i.e. 103.85 + 55 = £158.85pw.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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