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    We have just received our BFI rating to go towards the LA’s CPA and are rather miffed to say the least.

    we scored 83% and had expected to receive a ‘fair towards good’ rating. Instead we have been given a ‘Fair’ rating and some drival about BVPI’s being taken into account.
    The BVPIs we submitted show that we are top quartile for 2 and just off top for the others.

    Is there anybody out there in the same boat? what are you intending to do?
    More significantly is there anybody with roughly the same scores who has received the ‘fair towards good’ rating???

    has anybody questioned the BFI’s rating mechanism, or weighting of BVPIs and either had decisions changed or been given a proper explanation of how they are calculated.

    to rub salt in the wound it really doesnt look like anybody has taken the trouble to look through the shedload of evidence we worked our buts off to compile a few months ago!

    Any help and/or advice would be really appreciated, we’ve been given 48hrs to accept the draft report!

    👿 😥 👿 😥 👿


    That’ll be a no then Scott, we’re on our own! 😉



    Hi Scott,

    We had a similar experience last year – our PS self assessment came out at 85% and we were top quartile in 2 BVPIs and average on the others. We reckoned that we had made good progress and demonstrated continuous improvement over a 3 year period. Wasn’t good enough obviously.

    I had assured our Chief Executive that we would be ok and was pretty deflated when we received ‘fair’ score on CPA. Naturally he was less than pleased also!

    We did make representations but it made no difference to the score.


    Thanks Dave

    it doesnt look to hopeful, but we are going to try anyway.

    I’ve been busy comparing Benefits CPA ratings to BVPI stats and its amazing to see the number of authorities who have scored a 4 (rating must therefore be ‘Fair towards Good’ or higher) and yet have some hopeless BV78a & b scores!

    I’m beginning to think that they adopted my (mad) old school teachers rating mechanism whereby he stood at the top of the stairs threw all the essays in the air and those that landed near the top got an A and those that fell to the bottom an E.

    still at least they are having a rethink for next year hey!



    have just heard that the BFI have increased our rating from Fair to Fair towards Good!

    thanks again to all those who responded, here and from the main board, many prefd to email directly. Thank you all.

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    now maybe we can get on with the job!

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