Blue Badge / Disabled Parking Badge

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    I appreciate that this is not strictly HB/CTB, but this seemed as good a place as any to ask for suggestions.

    A recent report on behalf of the Department of Health regarding “Care Services Efficiency Delivery” has suggested a number of ways in which Local Authorities can improve customer service and effiencies in the area of Blue Badge administration. The report, for anyone intersted, can be found here. [url][/url]

    One of the main recommendations is that when it comes to awarding a badge under the discretionary criteria, rather than refer the case to a GP or medical expert, LA admin staff can be trained up to be able to make the decisions themselves.

    My question is, does anybody currently let their own staff make these discrectionary decisions? If so, what kind of training, criteria, guidance, etc. have they been provided with to assist them in making their decisions?

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