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    sue poole

    I have received a reconsideration request from a claimant who has a boarder living in her property. He is a student from overseas (Emirates) and claimant charges £100.00 per week whilst he is living in the property.
    The Boarder returned home (Emirates) for the Easter holidays and was absent from the property for the period 12th April 2010 to 24th April 2010. (The absence was increased due to the volcanic ash cloud). Claimant has said that this is part of the students contract that when there are holidays they have to return home, I have nothing in writing to confirm this only what the claimant has said.
    We are taking into account an amount of the £40.00 per week payment as claimant’s income and have done so for the period boarder was absent. Claimant has said in her dispute that whilst he was away he has to pay £20.00 per week retainer and feels that it is unfair that there has been no change in her Housing Benefit for the period of his absence.
    He has again returned to the Emirates on the 02nd July 2010 and will not be returning back to the UK until September 2010.
    Am I right in thinking for the period boarder is absent from the property that the amount we are taking into account as income should be amended?


    Yes. You can only take into account the income the claimant actually receives. The boarder would probably only have a weekly licence so asking for documentary “proof” may be unrealistic.

    If the claimant has been honest in the past and given you the right information then their statement should be accepted as the proof you need. After all, it is hardly an unreasonable arrangement.

    sue poole

    Thank you for your reply. I will now be able to deal with the reconsideration.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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