Bulgarian and Romanian nationals post Jan ’07

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    As they will be joining the EEA in less than a month, does anyone know what the rules will be for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals wanting to claim HB or CTB?

    All I have been able to find out so far is on the link below:


    I suspect the DWP will issue a circular some time after 1st January 2007.


    The cynic in me says not to worry, as under the quota system the UK Government will be asset-stripping Bulgaria and Romania and only allowing highly qualified individuals (doctors, dentists, surgeons, benefits assessors etc) to enter, who will have no need of recourse to public funds.


    Reading your link it looks like they will not be eligible for benefits initially, but clearly they will have right of free movement and the right to enter the UK. It would be nice if some guidance/regs could be issued before then so that we know how to advise people. This means that regs need to be laid before the Xmas recess?


    I still think we will get some claims. These could be from:

    – Bulgarians and Romanians in receipt of JSAIB under the ‘3 month right to reside rules’

    – “lower skilled workers coming to undertake seasonal agricultural work and employment in the food processing sector”, mentioned on the link on my previous message

    – the self employed???? (not sure about this one)

    As a side issue, we already have the EEA16s, A2s and A8s. Are we going to have a new name for Romanians and Bulgarians?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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