Bus advertisements for Fraud

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    Hi all,

    We’ve been offered the possibility of some bus advertisements for our referral details. I’m thinking more of the advertisements on the insides of buses on our main council estate route.

    Has anyone tried bus advertisements? If so, how effective was it?
    All comments appreciated.



    We bought advertising space for 12 weeks in December 2007 / February 2008 in our local buses to promote benefit take-up.

    Working on the assumption that if you want to go anywhere in Oxford you need to get the bus, the cost seemed a good deal when you consider how many people will see it.

    Around 14% of claimants we have contacted since then to ask why they claimed said that they spotted the advert on the bus.

    An added bonus was that the bus company were slow to re-sell the space so we ended up getting more than our 12 weeks.

    If you are in an area with heavy bus use, I’d recommend it.


    We used bus advertising when LHA came in, to advise of the changes etc. We targeted the areas we particularly wanted to inform, and chose the appropriate bus routes.

    It was very successful, with feedback from customers stating that this was where they’d heard about the changes and it had encouraged them to get in touch.

    Compared to other forms of advertising we’ve used in the past (posters on billboards, etc) this was much more cost effective.

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    I used bus advertising both inside and out in tandem with bus shelters and local advertising boards to re-launch our fraud hotline. The bus shelters are ideal for a static venue when you want to target specific areas but as the bus depots cannot guarantee that your advert adorned bus will actually be dedicated to a specific route or area it can be a hit or a miss. That aside our referrals did increase although we did take a number of calls for neighbouring authorities so they benefited at our expense.

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