BV78a & b PIs and Subsidy Claim form 07/08

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    having survived 7 gruelling weeks of audit re both of the above, i’d be interested to know how other LAs have fared


    Audit still ongoing.

    IMHO the attempt to link BVPIs and Subsidy has not been a success. The auditors did not really understand what they were supposed to be testing and at one point there was a real danger that “issues” on one side would be transferred to the other. I.E wanted to mark one claim as a “fail” for subsidy purposes just because there was a dispute whether the claim should have been considered a “new” claim or a “continue”.

    In the end the new claims BVPI was classed as “not fairly stated” because of a question over start dates for tele-claims. Although the difference was very small, our quick processing times meant that it was over 10% and therefore they had to qualify the BVPI.

    Changes passed, but only after an extended sample.

    Subsidy Audit still ongoing. The problem is that they test 20 cases. Find no problems at all on 19 and a problem on one area on the 20th and then insist on doing a further sample of 40.

    In a couple of cases there weren’t even 40 cases in the cell!!!!


    so your subsidy claim is late then………i thought that was a great big NO NO unless there were really extenuating circumstances 😯

    i can understand your frustrations in them trying to fail a claim on subsidy cos of a PI issue……….that’s madness

    good luck with the rest of it 😉


    The claim is a little late. Hopefully it will be in before the DWP payment run on Friday so we will avoid nastly letters and threats of 5% being withheld.

    It would not be so bad if at the start of the Audit they auditors had not said “we know you are a well run benefit section so this should be quite straightforward”

    I would hate to see what it would have been like if they hadn’t though we were well run.

    Oh and one more thing. It does not appear to matter how many Comms decisions you can point to that support what you have done if their guidance says otherwise the the Commissioners must be wrong!!!


    I have had both passed as accurate. To be fair, after a bit of a shakey start, due to I think, little in the way of guidance on what they were supposed to be doing, didn’t go to bad.

    However was originally sold to us all as being less work intesive for the L/A…….this was certainly not the case!


    This years audit was a walk in the park. (There were a couple of unleashed dogs during that walk but they were easily beaten off)!

    (jmembery – I would love to know what excuse they gave for ignoring CDs when their hwlp file says that these must be taken in to account).


    It was basically “computer says no”.

    In other words, “we sent them to our HB experts but they said we were right not to agree with you”.


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