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    We issued our sample of customers surveys about a month ago (with the usual kind of response 🙄 ) and are now due to send reminders to people who have not returned theirs.

    I have read the guidance and does not appear to be any set text or format for the reminder letter other than you must include a new survey, return envelope and mention that DPA has not been compromised.

    This seems slightly strange as the guidance on the original survey suggested not amending any of the wording or questions etc and also makes me wonder if I have missed something.

    So if anyone has seen a reminder template I would be grateful for some direction (I have tried to find the Templates/Tools section on the website that the guidance talks about without any joy).

    Any help much appreciated,



    Didn’t see any templates either so have written our own. Basically just saying that as they did not reply we are sending them another survey!


    That’s great, pretty much the conclusion I have drawn. I am going to fudge something based on the original letter and go from there.

    It’s not like it will actually make anybody return the damn thing…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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