BVPI POA or Nil Income

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    Having returned from a course in London last week am faced with the following to think about:

    A21 – POA to rent allowance cases – to make a POA on a claim where the LA cannot decide the claim and the problem DOES NOT lie with the customer no supplying requested info.

    What I am looking at is claims on passported benefits – IS JSA where the delay is due to DWP having a big backlog and not getting the decisions through to us.

    Woukld like to know what other LA’s do now – in light of:
    POA would give bad PI’s as the delay is due to the DWP backlog
    Fully assess the claim based on a nil income statement and then revise the decision one the DWP make their decision and sent the NHB through ( good for PI’s) but not for A21_


    Ok I voted first then read the post…

    I cannot generally be sure that any delay is down to Dwp/Jobcentreplus/Cms or that this is a passported case without further info; assuming I have a form with no other declared income/capital that will do me. At that point I do not need to know (nor do I ask) the reason for an unresolved passported benefit decision.

    With no form (properly completed etc) I have nothing to consider.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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