Caddy wins JSA appeal on seasonal work

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    Alex G

    Quote from the courier


    A professional golf caddy refused jobseekers allowance for the months when his services were not in demand on the course has won an appeal against the decision.


    Douglas Saunderson sought the allowance for the quiet winter months when he was not required to work as a caddy, but his application was turned down by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) at the end of 2007.



    His subsequent appeal in the case was rejected by a tribunal, which held that he was in a “recognisable cycle of work.”

    Mr Saunderson took his fight to the Court of Session in Edinburgh, where three judges ruled in his favour.

    Details of their decision, made in December, emerged after the time for the other side to appeal against the ruling was said to have elapsed.

    The caddy’s legal team, Morisons Solicitors, said the decision was an “important and significant finding” for many self-employed professionals who work seasonally.





    I am looking for the relevant judgement to the above. I have CSIH 102, but whilst it agreed with the seasonal worker it only referred the case back to first-teir tribunal.

    What was the final outcome?



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