Calling all LA’s!

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    Calling all LA’s!!!

    I was wondering if any other LA’s are having problems in getting information from the tax credit help line. If you can’t get all the information, how do you work out their benefit claim? How are other LA’s coping with this? We had several cases where the help line can only give us current awards of tax credits and we were looking for awards before that.


    Award dated 21 Aug 2003 – 06.04.03 to 05.04.04

    CTC 1991.04

    WTC 2334.43

    In this example, we have not considered the tax credits for HB yet.

    Phone the help line for further information, they confirm the customer has had several award letters with further changes since the award of 21st August. You enquire about these changes and they tell you the current award only.

    Changed 20 Sep 03

    CTC 1991.04

    WTC 3205.25

    So how would you work this out? Any advice from LA’s on how they work out tax credits would be helpful!!



    I have had to contact the help line on many occasions about claims where there have been numerous award notices issued. I normally ask for a list of all the payments issued, the dates of awards and award amounts etc., then I can work out what changes to HB/CTB are required. but you do have to be persistent.
    Although the staff are very helpful, not all appear to have a thorough knowledge of the screens available.
    There have been occasions however when my queries have not been resolved and I have been sending these to Lucy Da Silva at DWP.
    I hope other authorities are doing the same – problems will not be resolved unless we identify them.
    I have also made a suggestion that award notices are numbered – it is not clear when a claimant provides an award notice whether there have been any previous awards and how many! I feel that this would be useful to LA’s.
    I have been informed that further guidance is to be issued shortly for one of the points I have queried with DWP. This is where an overpayment of CTC is recovered from WTC (or vice versa):
    The net weekly amount should be used according to the TC guide, but you have to be a detective to work out why the amount paid to the bank account is no where near the weekly amount you calculate for HB/CTB!
    Hope this helps.

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