Can a British Citizens’ Russian Visa National wife be liable for CTAX

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    Dear all

    Is it possible that a Russian girlfriend/partner who entered the UK back to 2010 on a six-month visitor’s visa is still considered by the UK Border Agency to have no status in the UK;even though she has since married a British citizen.

    The reason for the question is that our council tax payer is stating that he should still be liable to receive a single persons discount as his now Russian wife has no status in the UK.

    I believe that if we request details of her passport/visa we should be able to identify if she has indefinite leave to remain, which I believe will be the case under the circumstances; but who knows.

    I am however still unsure as to what the legalitys are in respect of CTAX and a single persons discount especially prior to the marriage. Are we able to remove a single persons discount just because another adult is resident or is there something that will prevent its removal??????? Has anyone had a similar case or are you able to give me advice in respect of this matter?

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read and respond.

    Kind regards

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