Can I include this in an appeals submission?

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    We have made a LTAHW decision which the claimant has appealed.


    The claimant has stated that the alleged partner was residing with a now deceased relative.


    Naturally, we cannot verify this information but the deceased relative was herself a benefit recipient


    and the alleged partner has not been included on any claims form.


    The lack of an alternative address obviously has an impact on our decision but I'm not sure if I can


    divulge information to the appellant relating to someone else's benefit situation.


    Any advice would be welcome.


    Thank you    

    John Boxall

    It’s legal proceedings so it can be divulged.

    Yo can ask TTS about revealing this information, however if you wish to refer to it in the submission it will all have to be provided

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    I can think of nothing to prevent you from using it. If I’m correct in my assumption that you are approaching this from a DPA point of view then the deceased relative is not a “living individual” so I think you are safe to use it so long as the evidence does not incluude information relating to any other person.


    Thanks both – I was concerned about the DPA issue but I was of the same opinion that a deceased person did not receive the same protection.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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