Care Leaver and partner in HA property

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    I have had a referral regarding a young couple. She is in receipt of IS and is 18yrs old. He is a care leaver who will be 18 in July 07. They have just moved into a Housing Associaton property. How would a HB claim work as the LA are still responsible to pay for him until he is 18. The tenancy is in her name. He can’t be classed as a Non-dep as they are a couple. Would a 50 / 50 split be applicable even though they don’t hold a joint tenancy?

    Any help would be appreciated 😀


    They are a couple. She is the tenant and getting a passporting benefit so all her and her partners income and capital must be disregarded.

    In other words you must pay her as the claimant full HB/CTB on the basis of 100% of the rent


    Many thanks for your quick reply. I will let my HB dept know as they were stumped! 😕

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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