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    The scenario is a post-graduate student receiving £8,000 career development loan. Part, at least, of this loan is intended towards day-to-day living costs rather than fees, books etc – any payment for which I believe would be disregarded.

    I know that a loan can be treated as income (R(IS) 6/03), but does anyone know of any specific rules regarding these career development loans? I have trawled circulars, guidance and the DWP website but no luck.

    Kevin D


    There USED to be a disregard for the tuition / course fees element of CDLs (from memory; [b:f024cbed66]para 63(?) of Sch 4 – 1987 regs[/b:f024cbed66]). However, this provision was deleted wef April 2004 (per Findlay – page 531; 18th ed).

    I’m not aware of any disregards specifically for CDLs since that change in the regs.



    Excellent…thank you, Yoda


    A Career Development Loan should be treated as income (HB 41(4)). A Career Development Loan is paid pursuant to section 2 of the 1973 Act.
    You should disregard any income from a career development loan that
    is not intended to cover living expenses sched. 5 para. 13(1) and 13(1)(c))

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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