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    Added 3/1/2013


    CH/0224/2011, CH/0225/2011, CH/0464/2011


    Three test cases involving the same issue; whether the 52 week rule violated Human Rights for those with a mental illness who were detained under one or more sections of the the Mental Health Act




    A long delayed case awaiting various Supreme Court decisions; the claimant and his former partner spent equal time with their daughter in seperate homes. The former partner received the child benefit. The LA had refused to take into account the daughter in the claimant's claim. A Tribunal had overruled this on the basis of the Hockenjoss case. 


    Added 4/1/2013




    Confusing paperwork issued by the Council in relation to an overpayment 



    CH/3178/2011  CH/3282/2011

    Both involved appeals by a landlord where the documents to a Tribunal had been amended (redacted) by the Council. New addresses for the tenants had been taken out for instance. 


    Added 7/1/2013  



    Non declaration of a pension and official error. 



    A rather bizarre overpayment case involving two tribunals, a huge amount of work, criticism of all the parties where the basic facts got lost in a mass of paper. 



    Added 14/1/2013


    Knowles and Anor (High Court)


    Caravans on Council and private sites


    Added 28/1/2013




    Living together; the issues before a Tribunal 



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