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    paul southam


    We have a scenario where claimant age 40 standard claim running with capital <£6k rings 1/10/10 and advises us has won on horses and now has £8100. (yes ive made this up, they always ring us to tell us that…).

    1. If we process on estimate, do we have the c/c tick in?

    2. We write out for proof and receive it 12/10/10 – do we calc with tick in again, and do we use the same First Info date 1/10/10 or 12/10/10?

    3. If we dont receive the info within a month, and then suspend and ask for it again, if we receive it 16/11/10 do we use c/c tick and do we use 16/11 as first info or 1/10/10 again?

    4. And if we dont receive it do we have c/c tick in, use FI date as day after return by date or 1/10/10 again?

    Thanks you – hope this makes sense!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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