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    Marie Crawford

    We have a long-standing issue relating to clawback of CTB for changes of address within the area. Some of these issues were with online posting, which we are aware there is a bug relating to, however the original issue related to clawback by batch overnight.

    If we have a claimant moving within the area who moves out of one address on 17th and into another on 18th, the clawback for the cancellation at the old address doesn’t happen until the night of 19th, which means we are then not able to process the new address until 20th. This in effect means a 3 day processing delay with an effect on our stats which should have actually been 1 day.

    We would like some advice on whether there is any way that we can change any system parameters to enable us to be able to process these changes without our stats being affected. Ideally we would like to be able to process up to a week in advance.

    We wondered whether we needed to change our processed up to date (which is today set at 19th July) to an advance date? And also wondered whether we need to change the No Weeks In Advance field, which is currently set at 0.


    This has been raised by our Benefits section here on quite a few occassions. We spoke to a Northgate consultant about it who fully explained how it works. And unfortunately the way it works is not how users would like it to work.

    There is an option to post online, but this comes with its own drawbacks.


    Hi Marie,

    We have the same problem and again have reported to Northgate for solution. Our benefits assessors are front facing with customers and make the benefit decision with the customer infront of them.

    This has had massive problems around the CTB side and adjustments going wrong between the accounts- as such we have had to revert back to telling assessors not to calc CTB claims until the system reaches catches up to the sys date.

    We have tried using on-line posting also and as mentioned above it doesn;t really work unless you are dealing with retrospective work.



    We had a Northgate consultant on site yesterday and we discussed the above. There is no ideal solution. Also to make matters worse, now that ATLAS is importing many future changes (potentially small adjustments) Bills and notifications will be popping out all over the shop! More printing costs, postage costs, customer contact, inability to collect council tax as new bills being issued all the time pushing back the direct debit date etc etc.

    Looking forward to the ATLAS October changes as this will make things even worse!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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