Change for Address for deceased customer

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    We have a customer who has sadly passed away in November 2012.

    It has come too light via the landlord that she actually moved address in October 2012 but we were not notified about the change by the customer. 

    She has moved within the same block of flats with the same landlord but we did not receive any notification from the customer at the time of the move and therefore are not sure about the actual date of move etc.

    The family have now contacted us as they have been advised to complete a form on her behalf but they were concerned that this is incorrect at they did not have POA for her and were not acting as appointee's (i think this may irrelevant after her death anyway as they couldn't act on behalf of a deceased person).

    We've ended benefit at her old address following notification of tenancy end from her landlord.

    My feeling initially was that we couldn't pay any further benefit as we had not received notification of the move from the customer but i'm just checking if this is correct or can we deal with the move without any notification from custome?  We have income and rent (which is the same as her old address) details for the new property but no confirmation of the date of move.

    Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you

    chris harvey

    You don’t need a new form as this is a change of circs. You should revise your award to take account of the new information now that you have it. You should end the award at the one address and start it at the new address, you could ask the landlord for the date the move took place or estimate it yourself as it will have no effect on the award overall.


    Just to be pedantic, the end of the tenancy provides you with the basis for your supersession [R(IB)2/04]

    The outcome supersession must follow from that (ibid.)

    You have evidence of an ongoing liability and circumstantial evidence that the ongiong liability followed from the move. Your outcome supersession must take that into account and so can only result in what Chris Harvey suggests.

    In other words you could never have any grounds to merely terminate the entitlement before the claimant died


    thanks for the advice

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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