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    when someone changes from GC to SVC does this affect the non dependant 26 deferment?

    we have a case where the non dep has moved in and no deduction is due at present, then the case changes from GC to SVC and now the system wants to take a deduction

    is this correct? or do we have a system fault???


    Looks like a system fault to me. You are still counting 26 weeks, so no deduction until the end of that time, whatever the non-dep gets up to income-wise. At the end of 26 weeks you catch up with the non-dep on the basis of their circumstances at that time: they don’t have a second parallel 26 weeks running for the change of income. But the change of income makes no difference anyway in this acse, unless it is one of those extremely rare cases where the non-dep has started latent remunerative work and that’s the reason for going onto SC: if that is so, there will be a minimum CTB deduction at the end of the first 26 weeks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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