change in circs and vf records

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    cheryl b

    Hi, we currently complete a VF record sheet recording details for all changes in circs (similar to the new claim check list itemised in appendix 7 of the security manual).

    we are currently looking into whether this is necessary for changes in circs as it seems to be taking up a lot of time for our assessors.

    Does anyone else complete a doc for all changes and if not, can you help me find where it says it is not necessary 😕


    Kevin D

    [quote:9400b5a599]Does anyone else complete a doc for all changes and if not, can you help me find where it says it is not necessary [/quote:9400b5a599]

    Perhaps the phrasing needs to be flipped:

    Where does it say it IS necessary?

    The ONLY purpose of keeping file records is so that, hopefully, it’s possible to work out who did what, when. But, there is no legal requirement to keep “action sheets” / “flysheets” etc.

    As VF never had any legal status in the first place, there can be no possibility that there was any requirement to hold a physical checklist on file.

    Hope the above helps.

    cheryl b

    Thanks for that, but would we still be VF compliant for not holding these documents as a record that we had done the VF checks?

    Anthony Sandys

    Actually, there is no such thing as VF, as it’s been abolished according to the new Security Manual. Therefore, there is no such thing as VF compliance or the requirement to comply with the VF, apart from a reference made in one of the enablers in the Performance Standards.

    It’s only guidance recognised as good practice, so I’d ditch anything that you don’t require (might want to check with your internal auditors first though).


    I agree with Anthony, non of us are VF Compliant now as VF is dead.


    Just as an aside, what do we now call that set of processes we used to call VF.

    I have to do some training on it and a snappy title would be nice. Maybe plain old “Verification” would be nice.


    A virtual pint every night of the year to any trainer who dares to walk into a VF course, announce “there is no such thing as VF” and walk out again

    Kevin D

    Ahem, does stating “VF has no legal status” during a BFI interview count? 😯 Done, 7 July 2006. The BFI were not impressed…. 😉 Took a not insignificant amount of self-control to avoid laughing very loudly.


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