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    Jo Gregory

    The MIS guide states that ‘a change of circumstance means any notice given in writing where that written notice is physically received at the designated office of an LA’.

    It also states that we ‘should not include any information recevied in connection with a risk-based review’.

    This is what we are confused about – I queried this with the DWP and they stated that we should include ALL change in circumstances regardless of who/what prompted the customer to report the change.

    I queried this further with the example of postal checks. We are contacting customers prompting them to report changes – postal checks are classed as risk based reviews, therefore are these counted as changes in circumstances for STATS purposes?
    We can understand not counting certain risk based reviews such as visits and data matches, but postal checks are different as they are notified in writing by the customer (on a form – MIS guide does not state it has to be a letter) and received in the designated office.

    The DWP have not got back to me about whether we should treat postal checks as CIC……does anyone else have any ideas???


    chris harvey

    We do not count postals being returned to us as a COC for stats because they are clearly part of a risk based review and as such specifically excluded in the MIS guide. We recently had the BFI in who scrutinised our COC figures and they had no problems with postals being excluded.


    I agree, all interventions are excluded from the coc stats including postal ones.


    Postal interventions are not included.
    Your point about them being written changes is effectivly addressed in the MIS guide.

    “The purpose of the change of circumstances PI using 08 and 09 is to
    measure the service being provided by LAs following receipt of a
    written notification which meets the criteria above, and is not
    intended as a work count. Therefore, there will be occasions when a
    written notification is not included in the count.”

    Anthony Sandys

    Apart from it being an intervention, which should not be included, it’s also not an unsolicited notification of a change of circumstances, which is why diary notes are also excluded from this PI.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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