Change in Details — Does Benefit need to change to count ?

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    Dave Ellen

    Having a discusion with one of the software houses on wether or not there has to be a change in benefit (+/-) for that “transaction” to count as a CID.

    My understanding is that the HB/CTB award must increase/decrease for it to be a legitimate stat. Think change in payee also counts

    Am I wrong ? 😯


    Any change where the authority makes a superseding decision, doesn’t say that decision has to be at a different rate.

    Circular A5/08 specifically on the q&a section says benefit does not have to have changed.

    chris harvey

    Not sure what is meant by a “change in details” (CID). If you mean an increase or decrease for the right benefit indicator (rather than a change event for the right time indicator) then there has to be a change in the rate of benefit for it to count. At the moment they use the HBMS scan to get the data but they will be using SHBE soon (fields 43/44 which are snapshots at the extract date of the amount of HB/CTB in payment). They compare the field values with the previous month to see if the rate of benefit has changed.
    A5/2008 concentrates mainly on the right time indicator.


    My understanding is that SHBE fields 43 & 44 are only generated on ‘D’ type records. I believe that fields 50/52 (weekly hb/ctb before change) are compared with fields 248/49 (weekly hb/ctb after change) on ‘T’ type records to establish if benefit changed for right benefit purposes.

    chris harvey

    For 2009/10 this is correct cmb. There will be a completely new methodology for compiling the right benefit indicator from April that uses the SHBE fields you mention. As T records are created for every change it will no longer be a monthly snapshot but will count every time benefit goes up or down.
    At the moment as the 2008/9 data was collected via the HBMS scan which is a monthly snapshot, the DWP want to complete 2008/9 with the same methodology so when they start using the SHBE scan to derive right benefit performance for the remainder of 2008/9 they will use fields 43/44 as these are the HBMS equivalents.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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