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    Hi everyone

    Please can you give me your thoughts on the following –

    We are notified late that a non-dep moved in.  Previous to this the customer was on the 1 room rate of LHA.  Following the non-dep moving in, the customer qualifies for a 2 room rate.  Am I correct in thinking that the overpayment created due to the non-dep deduction can be offset by the increased LHA rate and if so, is this UNENT?

    Thank you


    Yep… assuming you have applied the deduction from the actual date the ND moved in and the increased rate from the notified date UNENT should apply from the first deduction week to the end of the week containing the notify date.

    If the deduction and rate were both applied from the actual date, you’ve already done the UNENT bit and what is left is their underlying entitlement for that period.

    If that makes sense…


    Thank you, much appreciated

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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