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    paul southam


    When there is a change of address, should we leave the c/c tick in for cancelling the old address and out for processing the new address, or should it be left in for both calcs, therefore counting the change twice?

    Under the old rules it was notified in writing Y for cancel old add, N for new address, which would count it once, however with the new Notified in writing N being counted, what do we do?


    Ozzies Mate

    Surely is only one change for each benefit


    I assume you are a Northgate site where you have to set up a new period when people move? This is the advice we have given to our staff:

    [color=blue:9db943de79]”There are two possible scenarios

    ·If the claimant is moving out of the area and entitlement will be ending the CofC indicator needs to stay in when cancelling the claim at current address.

    ·If the claimant is moving within the district and entitlement will be continuing there are two calculations
    CofC indicator needs to be removed when cancelling at current address on first calculation
    CofC indicator needs to stay in when calculating the CONTINUE period at the new address, the first contact date field will be mandatory on this calculation and the date that needs to be used is the date that we were first notified that the claimant was moving. “[/color:9db943de79]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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