Change of address prior to EPP award

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    Could i please have some advice on the following scenario.

    PTEN ODRT/CTB claim in pay based on JSA.

    Claimants JSA IB entitlement ended 15/06/2010, and the claimant changed address within the LA area 15/06/2010. Claimant satisfies all the criteria for an EPP to be awarded.

    How should the EPP be calculated, and what rent should it be based on?

    My thoughts are, that the fact that the claimant is entitled to an EPP, shouldn’t change the way that we process the COADD. Therefore the PTEN ODRT claim should be cancelled from 14/06/2010, and the PTEN LHA claim should be paid from 15/06/2010 – 20/06/2010. The EPP should then be paid from 21/06/2010.

    The LHA rate for this claimant is higher than the rent officer decision, so which rent should be used to pay the EPP. I think it is the LHA rate as it states it should be that amount in the last full benefit week before the EPP started?

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated



    It should be the amount of HB that was in payment in the week before the claimant’s QIRB ended. So that would be the rate of HB for the week beginning 7 June – even though the final week of regular HB is higher. See Reg 72B. You are right that the EP doesn’t start until the week beginning 21 June.

    Unless he qualifies for HB on two homes?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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