change of address / suspension of private claims

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    hi folks, I’ve been asked the following questions and would be grateful if you can advise the correct method of processing.

    1 – you find out a claimant has moved address (outwith area) – do you suspend the claim, and go through the process until it’s time to terminate, or do you terminate from the end liability date straight away – if you do it straight away – what are the Regulations that allow you to do this???

    2- when suspending private claims – does the suspension for the private claims end on the day you discover the change or the date of the last cheque paid, which will always be a retrospective date

    I don’t normally deal with private claims, so advice will be greatly welcomed. thanks in advance 😆


    1. Depends what information we have. If we know the moving date and the end of liability date we would terminate the award. Regulations? There has been a change in circs which requires a superseding decision. See HB reg 79 and the D&A regs. There is no need to go through the suspension/termination route as you already have the info needed to make the decision.

    2. Suspensions – technically the date of suspension is the date you actually suspend, but in practice when terminating we would use the paid-to date to prevent any more benefit being paid. In effect this requires a termination under D&A reg 14 and a supersession based on a negative inference. Similar to if you go back to the end date of IS/JSA.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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