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    Julian Hobson

    the PC manual states:

    in SC only cases that a claimant needs to report changes to the income and capital of partners not included in the PC claim.

    trying to work out what this means ? surely the Pension Service will need to know about these things too, and it could affect the PC award ? When would a partner not be included in the PC claim.

    (sorry if this is obvious I’m losing it)


    Question 26 on the software suppliers Q & A log refers to certain circumsatnces where the LA aggregates the income of the claimant and partner but PS do not when they are abroad


    I meant to also say, but submitted instead of preview, the SPC Act at reg 5 states that the income/capital of the partner shall be treat as the claimants except in prescibed circs, but doent say what they are.
    In the explanantion it states there are no plans to use this power to make regs ‘to prescribe’ and is included only to provide flexibilty in the future.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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