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    I thought those of you who like me are rather sceptical at those LAs who report that they perform miracles in turning around changes of circs would like to see an extract from an e-mail I have just been passed from the LGA ….

    [b:1ec4c81277]”The LGA together with the other two Local Authority Associations have repeatedly questioned the accuracy of the reported performances on the Change of Circumstances Performance Measure, and in particular, the timescale required to achieve a score of 4 under the current levels.

    DWP therefore asked BFI to undertake a small study on the reported high performance of 9 LAs. Although the resulting report is not available for open circulation, the Summary of Findings was presented to the last meeting of the Steering Group. This showed that of the 9 LAs visited, 8 had their reported number of days increased. Some of these increases were small but others involved increases from 8 to 15 days, 8 to 22 days and 11 to 22 days. Six of the original scores fell into the Excellent category, but following this study, only 3 LAs retained an Excellent score.

    Presented with this information, the Associations believed that their previously expressed concerns had been justified and ask for the current PM Bandings to be adjusted from April 2007. The LGA has therefore written to DWP on behalf of all the Associations, officially requesting a relaxation to these Banding Scores, but to date, no response has been received.”[/b:1ec4c81277]

    Finally, someone decided to investigate and found, in the majority of all cases, what we all knew was happening …..

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