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    I hope someone can help us on the example below.

    Revised award received 16.09.03

    Increase in WTC – Annual Award 2490.32

    Already paid 1339.74
    Balance to pay 1150.58

    Payment by employer
    From 15.09.03 tax credit will be paid at a rate of 8.27 a day

    Further payment of 55.16 will be paid.

    Further payment of 53.10 will be paid

    After 27.10.03 the daily rate will then change to £5.31

    I got very confused when the payments of WTC changed from 27.10.03, as it already changed from 15.09.03. I phoned the helpline they said on 27.10.03 this was a change of circs due to hours increasing.

    Does anyone know how to work this one out for HB/CTB? Any advice would be useful.




    I assume the 16/09/03 is the date of the award notice. Therefore the calculation is as follows:

    Balance left to be paid – £1150.58

    Number of days between award notice and end of award (i.e. 16/09/03 to 05/04/04) 203 days

    £1150.58/203 * 7 = £39.68 per week.

    To be taken into account in the HB/CTB calculation wef 22/09/03.

    The change on the 27/10/03 is the date the payments through the employer change as the IR have to give the employer 6 weeks notice of changes to payments.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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