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    Rent liabilty ends 16.06.06, Tenant moves 16.06.06, moves to property within LA area but not claiming hb as living with close relative, would this change be treated as a change of circumstance and end on the 18.06.06. The heat is getting to me and am getting more confused the more I look at it!


    As no-one else has answered, I will have a go. 😉
    Yes, I think so. As there is no ongoing liability at your LA then you pay till end of week, or further if unavoidable ongoing liability (for up to 4 weeks). 8)


    Yes – HB Reg 79(8) applies [as amended from April 2006]. So any change of circumstance that reduces entitlment to nil takes effect from the Monday after the change occurs. The only exception to this is Hostel cases with a daily rental liability where changes that reduce entitlement to nil take effect on the actual day the change occurs.


    Thanks for replies, you confirm heat hasn’t frazzeld my brain completely 😆

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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